Simas & Associates Newsletter, Volume I, Issue 1

Simas & Associates, Ltd. published its inaugural newsletter on Friday, December 7, 2012. After having hinted at it for a number of months on its website, the newsletter was officially launched, carrying news about the law firm, its staff, relevant news items and more.
“I am very pleased,” Steve Simas stated after seeing the final product.  “I am just glad we finally can get the word out to so many current, past, and future clients about our practice. It will also be a vehicle for us to communicate our successes.  But most importantly, it will be an excellent way for us to explain nuances in the law that impact so many individuals, businesses, and licensed professionals.”
You can review a copy of the initial newsletter by clicking here.  To sign-up, please visit the law firm’s website at – Newsletter and use the newsletter sign-up form.  There, you will also find an index of prior issues of the Newsletter.  Simas & Associates, Ltd. plan to issue the newsletter monthly, on the first Friday of each month.
Mr. Simas also went out of his way to give a “very special thanks” to Amanda LilleyTim Forrester, and the Taber Creative Group.  “Through their efforts,” Mr. Simas concluded, “they made a mere idea of a newsletter a reality.  Thank you so much.”.