Small Business Lawyers Working For You!

Have you been trying to take small business legal matters into your own hands? That's any easy way to get in way over your head very quickly. The small business lawyers at Simas & Associates, Ltd., are here to help.

We have decades of experience in representing and advising businesses of all sizes in formation, governance, taxation, transactions, employment, real estate, insurance, and acquisitions. No matter how big or small your business needs, we are prepared to work with you. We have clients in an extensive range of industries. We assist you with figuring out what kind of business entity to create, and we are well versed in small business litigation.

Our Attorneys Assist Businesses of All Sizes From Varying Industries

Simas & Associates, Ltd., lawyers have handled legal matters in a wide range of industries from manufacturing and distribution, to hotels and restaurants, to health care and health services, to banking, to telecommunications, to retail.

With experience in so many specific industry sectors, we are able to act as a strategic partner with our clients in a way that many small business lawyers cannot. We provide thoughtful legal counsel that we back with extensive business and industry knowledge in order to support our clients' final decisions on specific business matters.

Get Expert Legal Advice on What Type of Business Entity to Create

Starting a business concept is a difficult task before you add on the complexities of formalizing said business concept, which can lead to a host of confusion and mistakes. Whether you are interested in a corporation, non-profit, LLC, or partnership, we help you decide what form of business entity makes the most sense for your small business.

Our lawyers also work with their clients to reserve their business names and trade names, and seek out trademark protection. As your business grows, we are also prepared to help you with potential issues in contract and employment law.

Our Attorneys Have Extensive Experience with Small Business Litigation

Our small business lawyers have the experience and insight to protect businesses throughout the state of California with defense litigation and litigation through filing a lawsuit. Our firm knows how to handle the staggering number of actions that can be brought against businesses. Whether you are facing lawsuits from former customers, employees, or competitors, or dealing with investigations, inquiries, or injunctions from different levels of oversight and government, we can represent you.

Running a small business is a large job, even when you only have half a dozen employees. Many people start small businesses with limited knowledge of the inner workings of running a business. While you always assume that you won't have a need for legal services from small business attorneys, inevitably issues do arise from time to time.

Take the action that you need to take sooner rather than later, and contact us today before you make any expensive and/or irreversible errors. We are prepared to help you with industry-specific tasks, creating a business entity, and handling small business litigation. You get the legal tools that you need to protect your livelihood and grow your small business successfully.

Trustworthy & Reliable California Business Attorneys

Charles and Kristin from Sacramento, California share about their experience:

Simas & Associates, Ltd. removed us from a bad business relationship while exercising professionalism and tact. We originally retained the law firm to pursue litigation and end our business relationship. As 50% business owners, we were faced with an increasingly difficult and volatile situation. We were always impressed with how the firm was able to remove the drama and stick to the original issues. Justin Hein, in particular, showed class and patience in the most challenging of situations. His punctuality, first impression, preparation, document production, responses, court savvy and respect for the law was beyond reproach. [The Firm Administrator] and the accounting staff were diligent but respectful. They were willing to work with us regarding payments during a difficult time. That was truly a blessing.

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