Is Mediation or Arbitration Right For You?

Is Mediation An Option For You?

In the process of mediation, a mediator facilitates the course of solving your dispute on your own. He or she offers his or her skills and experience as a non-judgemental guide in helping both parties come to a mutually satisfying resolution. Instead of the battleground that a trial can become, mediation helps all parties reach an agreement in an environment that is collaborative and supportive.

You may still wish to have your own attorney when participating in the mediation process. Some communication with the mediator will occur with the opposing party present, and some will be in individual sessions. A written final decision will be signed by both parties. Mediation does require an investment of both time and money, but it ends disputes with less pain, time, and cost than a traditional trial.

When Should You Consider Arbitration?

If mediation fails, you still may be able to avoid the courtroom. Arbitration is a lot like a trial but without a jury and the formalities of court: Both parties present their cases, with representation from their counsel, and a neutral party adjudicates the dispute, rendering a decision.
Arbitration can be binding or nonbinding:

  • Binding arbitration means the decision made by the arbitrator is final and binding. It cannot be overruled by a judge, and it dismisses or avoids a related lawsuit.
  • Nonbinding arbitration leaves the parties with the option to finally take the dispute to litigation.

Arbitration can be more flexible in both process and evidence than a formal trial. It is also quicker, private, and more informal than a jury- or bench-trial.

Simas & Associates’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

If you have determined that mediation or arbitration are the methods you would like to pursue, how do you find qualified help to guide you through the process? Whether you are looking for an attorney to serve as your mediator or to represent you in an arbitration hearing, experienced counsel is a valuable asset throughout the alternative dispute resolution process

The attorneys of Simas & Associates have an extensive background in providing ADR services throughout the state of California. They have advised the Executive and Legislative branches of the state of California, and have conducted fee arbitration services for the State Bar of California.

If your dispute is the complex worlds of healthcare or business, look for an attorney with involvement in those industries.

Avoiding Litigation with Mediation and Arbitration Services

The advantages to engaging in alternative dispute resolution tactics like mediation and arbitration are numerous. Some are obvious: you save money, time, and even your reputation by avoiding a trial. There are less obvious benefits as well, such as the reduction in stress you feel when a difficult situation is finally resolved. Consult your counsel for advice on these alternative methods when you encounter a conflict that requires a legally binding resolution.