Administrative Law

What is a Skelly Hearing?

A Skelly hearing derives its name from Skelly v. State Personnel Board (1975) 15 Cal. 3d 194. Dr. Skelly, a permanent civil service employee, was terminated from his employment with the State of California. The California Supreme Court determined, among other things, that he was deprived of his due process Read more…

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Business Law

Alternative Work Weeks

California Labor Code, section 511 (as amended in 2009) and most of the current Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) orders provide for alternative workweek schedules. An alternative workweek schedule (AWS) means any regularly scheduled workweek requiring an employee to work more than eight hours in a 24-hour period. An alternative work Read more…

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Government Law

Singe-User Restrooms Must be Gender-Neutral

All single-user toilet facilities in any California business establishment, place of public accommodation, or state or local government agency must be identified as all-gender toilet facilities. Effective March 1, 2017, a single-user toilet is defined “a toilet facility with no more than one water closet and one urinal with a locking Read more…

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Employment Law

Time Off to Vote Notices

California Elections Code, section 14001 requires all employers to post a notice to employees advising them of provisions for taking paid leave for the purpose of voting in statewide elections. A sample of this notice, as well as a notice to employers regarding time off for voting is available in Read more…

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Employment Law

Human Resources Manager 101

Being involved with your company’s human resource department can be overwhelming and frustrating at times regardless of your position within the department.  As the law changes, the H.R. Manager is responsible for ensuring that your company complies with all federal and state laws while also minimizing the risk of litigation brought Read more…

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