Struggling To Understand California’s Labor Regulations? We Can Help!

The labor laws in California can be complex and confusing. Even when you have been working in a single industry for decades, it is still possible to make mistakes. Before you know it, a seemingly simple issue has spiraled out of control, and you're facing a lawsuit or other legal trouble. Where do you turn?
Instead of trying to tackle it yourself, turn to the experienced attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., for all of the information you need. We have extensive experience across multiple industries in a wide range of labor code disputes from overtime compensation to wrongful termination. Call us at 888-999-0008, or contact us online, for a free consultation.

We Possess an Extensive Understanding of California Labor Disputes

Your eyes may cross when you look at all of the potential areas for labor disputes. From sexual harassment to wrongful termination to employee compensation, how is a single organization supposed to stay up to date with every possible scenario? The bottom line is that even the best Human Resources departments aren't experts in all dispute areas. Reputable lawyers know California labor laws, and are prepared to use them to help our clients fight their cases successfully.

We Are Well Versed In Labor Laws across Multiple Prominent Industries

Simas & Associates, Ltd., lawyers have represented businesses from a wealth of different industries, including technology, financial services, health care, insurance, manufacturing and assembly, retail or commission sales, restaurants, and hotels. We have worked with cases involving both hourly and salaried employees.
We are also known for impartial workplace investigations. There are certain industries and occupations that have a reputation for unfair compensation practices and other labor code violations. We are well aware of these reputations and use our knowledge to help our clients stay informed and make smart decisions about their futures.

Build a Strong Case with Our Experience and Assistance

The California labor laws alone are complex enough to keep any organization buried in books and paperwork for days. Fighting a labor commissioner case adds a whole new layer of complexity to the process.
Simas & Associates, Ltd., have been in these situations with our clients many times, and can minimize surprises and interference with your normal workflow. When you hire our legal team, we do the legwork for you, presenting the details that you need when you need them so you can proceed the correct away.
There are over 475 CA labor laws pertaining to hours, wages, benefits, working conditions, and special labor relations alone. These laws have a direct effect on millions of public and private sector workers and California employers, yet most companies and employees barely are aware of them.
You don’t have to get heroic and try to sift through pages upon pages of California labor code to make sense of your legal issues on your own when our staff at Simas & Associates, Ltd., is here to help. During our decades of practicing law in California, we have gained ample experience in all of the prominent California industries handling numerous types of labor disputes. Contact our attorneys today to get started.