Child Care Providers

Simas & Associates, Ltd., provides representation and legal services to all types of Child Care Providers and Facilities throughout the state of California. This includes:

We have successfully represented dozens of child care providers, and we have the experience to handle your case at any level—Administrative Hearings, Civil Litigation, Writs of Mandate, and Appeals. We know the complexities of the administrative hearing process and understand the complicated relationship you must have with the myriad of state, county, and municipal agencies that regulate your profession.

Daycare Defense: Governing Bodies, Regulations, & Requirements

Most licensed Child Care Providers are heavily regulated by the California Department of Social Services (DSS) and its Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division. While most of the rules and regulations come from Title 22 from the California Code of Regulations, each of the different types have separate requirements. This requires vigilance and an attention-to-detail—be it for applications, continued transparency, or new or modified regulations and requirements. DSS's big areas of concern for its licensees are as follows:

  • Child abuse (physical, mental, emotional, etc.)
  • Exposure to sexual, explicit, or profane conduct
  • Lack of supervision of personnel
  • Criminal background checks of adults-in-contact
  • Out-of-ratio employee-to-children
  • Safety in care space
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Proper training and certifications
  • Repetitive issues
  • Food Stamp, CalFresh, and WIC abuse

Why Child Care Providers Need an Experienced Attorney

Given what is at stake, DSS takes a strict, swift, and severe approach when it comes to license discipline. They have the authority to impose an immediate Temporary Suspension Order (TSO) of a facility or provider. This will literally shut down a licensee - not to mention his or her livelihood, a stream of income for employees, a needed resource for working families, and the well-being of the children.

In addition, DSS operates by a separate set of rules and regulations from most licensing agencies, providing different requirements for the administrative hearing process before the Office of Administrative Hearings. DSS is unforgiving when licensees or their representatives mix-up procedural and substantive requirements through this process.

If you are in need of legal assistance as a licensed Child Care Professional – or applying to become one – Simas & Associates, Ltd., can provide you with competent Advice and Counsel. Get peace of mind knowing that you will receive the benefit of having an attorney with perspective – one who has practiced on behalf of hundreds of licensees in a multitude of professions.

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