Veterinary Medicine Law


As with every new technology, there comes with it a legal minefield which must be understood to avoid offending the regulatory authorities. With the advent and adoption of telehealth and telemedicine, veterinarians from across the state may now see patients, with less overhead, saving the customer money. But is this Read more…

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Professional License Defense

Lawyers – Take Note!

Two recent developments could have more lawyers in trouble with the State Bar of California, the regulatory agency that oversees the practice of law in this state. First, the State Bar has instituted an online complaint procedure (in English and Spanish) for attorney misconduct and the unauthorized practice of law. Read more…

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Cannabis Law

State Cannabis Regulations Now in Effect

On the state cannabis front, all three agencies licensing cannabis (Public Health, Consumer Affairs-Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Department of Food & Agriculture) have had their emergency regulations (first adopted in December 2017 and re-adopted in June 2018) finalized into permanent regulations. Each licensing authority’s final regulations and rulemaking documents Read more…

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2018 CPA Exam Will Have Changes

The 2018 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam will feature a number of content changes and a new and improved user interface effective April 1, 2018. This PDF document from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA ) details all of the AICPA blueprint changes, that went into effect earlier this year. The Read more…

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