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Have you been the victim of wrongful employment termination due to your gender or religious affiliation? Were you taken out of the running for a promotion after you filed a sexual harassment suit? An employee rights lawyer at Simas & Associates, Ltd., can help.

With extensive experience in administrative, employment, and business law, Simas & Associates, Ltd., draws from a varied perspective of the law in action. We have seen first-hand what a manager, director, or independent contractor will do to defend or hide personal conduct. We have the knowledge, tools, and connections that you need to help you fight your case successfully.

Get an Expert Employee Rights Lawyer

There is a wealth of local, state, and federal labor and employment laws out there. As such, it is difficult for employers and employees alike to adhere to all of them.

The Simas & Associates, Ltd., attorneys have over 99 years of combined experience working in employment, malpractice, and administrative law and are well versed in these laws. We represent our clients before local, state, and federal government agencies and prosecute matters in administrative proceedings as well as state and federal courts.

We Have Extensive Experience With Counsel-of-Record and Civil Litigation

Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s experience is not limited to employment law theory. Our firm has represented employers in civil litigation for a wide range of employment matters—from fair and unbiased investigations, to negotiating employment contracts, to human resources training, to document control and confidentiality auditing. We handle wrongful termination, workers' compensation, whistleblower, and discrimination claims as well as litigation related to wage and hour violations, privacy invasions, retaliation, and trade secrets misappropriation.

We Work Closely With Licensed Employees and Public Sector Employees

Our employee rights lawyers have a long-standing reputation as one of the leaders in administrative and professional licensing law in the state of California.

We work with licensed and public sector employees concerning their own labor and employment disputes. This practice includes both public and private sector licensed employees in California's local and state agencies. We have experience representing employees in employment and severance contract negotiations, disciplinary appeals, and internal investigations.

When you are in need of the services of an employment law firm, it is easy to get overwhelmed and avoid the issue altogether instead of taking action.

Having a union agent threaten to get you fired because you don't support union activities, or being discriminated against due to your marital status, is a painful ordeal that no one should have to face.

Take charge and get the help that you need so that you can fight back and get the financial retribution that you deserve. Contact Simas & Associates, Ltd. today. Our employee rights lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of employment laws, have handled every aspect of employment lawsuits, and have extensive networks in the area to provide the right resources for your case.

Integrity, Expertise, and Results

Michael from Sacramento, California had this to say:

I have known Steve Simas for over a dozen years, personally and professionally. He is a brilliant and tireless regulatory lawyer, litigator, and employment law attorney. I worked with Steve in the California Legislature as a colleague and I have hired him thereafter for the outstanding quality of his work as an employment lawyer and his unsurpassed integrity and work ethic. Not only is Steve a top notch employment attorney, but he is honest to the core. I'm a very satisfied, repeat client.

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