Know Your Rights Under California’s Employment Laws

Are you buried in research because your company is navigating employment law case-files? Are you preparing for an upcoming lawsuit? California's employment code can be a daunting subject, regardless of the size of your company.
The skilled attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., have extensive experience reviewing and negotiating cases related to business of all sizes, including compliance, regulations, and contracts, giving us a broad perspective on California employment laws in action. Contact us online, or call us at 888-999-0008, for a free consultation on any kind of California labor law case.

Extensive Human Resources Assistance

Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers legal advice and counsel regarding compliance with state and federal laws, besides helping your company design and institute best practices. When it comes to the State of California, our experience has been demonstrated time and time again. These services can include providing Human Resources Assistance in one or more of the following areas:

  • Classification of employment status
  • Disability compliance
  • Employee corrective action
  • Employee privacy issues
  • Employee termination
  • Federal and State leave laws (i.e. California Family Rights Act, Family Medical Leave Act)
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Protection of trade secrets and customer/client lists
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Recruitment advertising and interviewing
  • Wage and hour policies and procedures, including overtime

We Work Closely with Both Public Sector and Licensed Employees

Our lawyers work with licensed employees and state employees concerning their employment and labor disputes. Besides licensees and state employees, we also represent employees of California's local municipalities, such as city and county employees.
We frequently represent employees in the negotiation of employment and severance contracts, in the defense of their rights during internal investigations, and in appealing disciplinary cases. We can also host or represent clients via our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.

Experienced California Attorneys

Some law firms understand the California Labor Code; we put understanding those laws into practice! Simas & Associates, Ltd., attorneys help companies take their cases to court year after year because of our extensive experience representing employers in civil litigation before California's administrative agencies and courtrooms. These claims may include, but are not limited to: invasion of privacy, trade secrets misappropriation, wage and hour litigation, retaliation; and claims of wrongful termination, workers' compensation, discrimination, and whistleblowing.
As you review contract laws and employment law redundancy, it is easy to get confused and even overwhelmed. Have you been avoiding the issue at hand because the whole thing seems way too complex? At Simas & Associates, Ltd., our employment lawyers offer ample human resources guidelines, work for licensed and public sector employees, and bring experience to the table that goes far beyond employment law theory. Contact us online, or call 888-999-0008, to learn more.