One of the more complicated areas of professional licensing law is the representation of licensed contractors before the California Contractors State Licensing Board (“CSLB”) within the Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”). This complexity is due to the sheer number of classifications and types of professionals overseen, as well as the various issues concerning competency and the appropriate standard of care. Those difficulties are further complicated by the lengthy rules and obligations involved with working on behalf of homeowners.

It oftentimes becomes extremely difficult for a professional to navigate these complexities without the help of an attorney.

Experienced Attorneys for Contractors

As a result, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has developed a specialized representation model that lets us represent all types of contractors before the CSLB. We understand the nuances of the overall profession and have obtained a knack for getting up-to-speed quickly on all of the particular issues your area of specialty may be facing in the present regulatory climate, as well as the facts and circumstances of your particular case.

Contractor Licensing Legal Defense

Overall, the most common licensing disputes are triggered by criminal convictions. For that, the model of representation we have used for all professional licensees for the past nine years is very successful.

In addition, cases commonly occur when an individual attempts to engage in work without a contract, or advertises for or engages in some type of work for which he or she does not have a particular license.

California law requires that all home improvement projects have a written contract when the project exceeds $500. In addition, it is illegal for any individual to perform contracting work on a project that exceeds $500 in labor and materials without a license to perform that work. In both instances, not only will the violation of the law result in potential prosecution by law enforcement, it could result in license discipline.

Similarly, advertising for a type of work for which you do not have a license will also spur an investigation and/or license discipline. The CSLB routinely conducts undercover, or “sting,” operations throughout the state regarding these issues.

Beyond License Defense

Simas & Associates, Ltd., also offers our clients the ability to form a lasting relationship for all legal concerns. In addition to our professional licensing law practice, Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers a variety of legal services that are specifically relevant to the contractor profession. These include:

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